Sunrise on Tanote Bay

A holiday on Tanote Bay comes with morning sunrises, as well as amazing snorkeling and diving within a few steps of your own beach bungalow. This morning, I zipped down on my scooter to Tanote to catch the sunrise for you, and I almost missed it. When I arrived at 6:20 a.m., the rays already lit the sky, as the sun broke the horizon at 6:38 a.m. today. You can see from this time lapse video that the early rays shine with hues of pink and magenta, and this sunrise pales compared to yesterday’s, which I saw from a more unfortunate vantage point of our hillside Thai house.

On the beach of Tanote Bay, the cool sand of the morning feels squishy under your toes, and the seaside breeze and lapping waves wake you up gently. Not far away, beach-side restaurants are opening to greet the early risers with coffee. And a friend of mine, Rob, who runs Montalay Diving, likes to enjoy a quiet morning in a chair in front of his shop. Life on Tanote Bay passes slowly, the time running together and the date and day of the week becoming harder and harder to remember, as they lose their corporate importance. It becomes easy to stay here indefinitely, or to want to stay, and to postpone the return flight as long as possible. The magic of the place is difficult to resist.

If you think this reality is beyond your budget, you are wrong. Round trip flights into Thailand are affordable, as are daily expenses and even SCUBA diving courses. Learning to SCUBA dive remains the number one adventure attraction on the island, with many dive operations catering to customers of all budget levels. Snorkeling, hiking, and climbing are exciting alternatives for non-divers, and a quiet hammock or a fire show and beach BBQ  are never far away. If you’re not sure how to make it happen in your life, but you’re putting it on your bucket list, feel free to reach out with questions and for advice. Chris and I love nothing more than showing our friends how to add the pleasure of visiting this amazing place into their lives.