About Halie

Four Reasons to choose Me as Your Dive Instructor:

About My Adventure Seeking Past & Future

First, I grew up in a little town in Ohio where I had a fascination for the outdoors. No stone went unturned as I searched for critters who hid under leaves, fallen trees, and rocks. Now, that fascination with the living world has taken me to the sea, where I delight in discovering both large and small marine organisms. My dream dive? Jumping into the surge with schooling hammerheads off of Lombok, Indonesia!
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About My Teaching Style

Second, my teaching style is compassionate and thoughtful. I enjoy working with students of all levels to overcome challenges as we strive together towards their personalized dive goals. Not everyone comes to SCUBA diving with the same background, skills, or abilities, so it makes sense that courses should be flexible, at times, so students complete the course having mastered all of the required skills. Choose your SCUBA Adventure now.

About Your Adventure Seeking Future

Third, from nudibranchs and butterfly fish to sting rays and whale sharks, we will have a blast underwater! I’ll take you through the Open Water Course at a relaxed pace that focuses on your comfort underwater and successful completion of the course. And along the way, we’ll take four exciting dives on the beautiful dive sites of Koh Tao. What if you love it? We can keep training together. Eventually, I’ll turn you into a pro and mentor you along your professional journey. Choose your SCUBA Adventure now.

Not a beginner? No problem! Let’s take your diving up a notch or more with the Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, or Divemaster course!

About Your Safety: I’m insured by Divers Alert Network

Fourth, I take your safety seriously. So my students receive the benefit of additional insurance coverage during training up to $25,000. This FREE medical coverage to my students — a NEW and exclusive benefit that I receive as DAN Professional Member.

  • FREE medical coverage (no hidden cost to student)
  • Up to US $25,000 coverage for medical expenses for injuries occurring during entry-level training
  • Easy Enrollment (we register your course, and you receive an email with your insurance card)

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