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Chris & Halie have gone home for the holidays. We’ll see you in 2019!

About Chris Burke, PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor #384397

Learn About Chris & Halie, PADI SCUBA Instructors

PADI Instructors Chris & Halie can’t wait to teach you to SCUBA and take you on the underwater adventure of your life. Learn About us before booking your course.

Chris hails from the United States of America. The son of a Navy Submariner, he spent his youth in Guam marveling over sea shells with his dad. His family moved to Florida and then to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where Chris fell in love with reptiles, especially snakes. When Chris met Halie, he was working in a reptile shop for fun. The two of them enjoyed a shared interest in reptiles, like Chris’s green tree pythons. His main job as a granite fabricator and installer paid well, but it sucked the life out of him. When Chris discovered he could become a professional dive instructor, there was no turning back.

As a PADI instructor, Chris gets the greatest joy from watching his students discover marine life while diving. Some of his favorite dives off of Koh Tao include whale sharks, sea turtles, blue spotted sting rays, eels, and banded sea snakes.

“I love seeing the smiles on my students’ faces when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could do.” Chris Burke

About Halie Rebeccaschild, PADI Staff Instructor, #364436

Halie grew up in the little town of Loveland, Ohio, in the United States. As a child, she would turn over rocks to look for salamanders beneath them and wander the woods near her home in search of turtles. As a teenager, she had a pet boa constrictor and ball python who sometimes went to school with her. When Halie met Chris, she loved seeing his collection of constrictors, especially his collections of newly laid baby boa constrictors from his breeding projects. While Halie holds a couple of university degrees, nothing brings her the satisfaction like teaching SCUBA diving and traveling the world.

As a PADI SCUBA instructor, Halie enjoys working with students to overcome real and imagined challenges. She enjoys giving the gift of diving so much that she sought out and obtained an instructor rating from the Handicapped SCUBA Association International to allow her to teach people with disabilities. She gets the greatest thrill in leading people to achieve their dreams of diving.

“Scuba diving is peaceful, and it feels good. I love the way we’re perfectly weightless in the water, just suspended in the blue among the fish, like a dream.”
Halie Rebeccaschild

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  • Jak FentemenJak FentemenBrighton, United Kingdom

    "Well what can i say, I cannot thank Halie enough. Me and my partner did our open water with Halie. We had the most amazing time, she was an amazing teacher, soo helpful and soo patient. She was obviously so passionate about diving and marine life in general, it really drove our passion so far. We have started our Advanced open water as our time with Halie was just soo awsome.

    I cannot recommend Halie or chris more, they treat you like family from the get go. Loveliest people EVER. We love you guys!!"

  • RJ HalloranRJ HalloranAnchorage, United States

    "I had the most amazing experience learning to dive with Halie! Her demeanor was casual and warm, and made a potentially frightening experience feel natural and easy. The planning was mostly taken care of, and basically I just had to show up and pay attention. Please dive with Halie, it will change your life!"

  • Joey HutchingsJoey HutchingsRomsey, UK

    "I've had the most incredible time learning to dive with Dive Turtle Island at Buddah View. Chris is a fantastic teacher, always enthusiastic and living in the moment. I thoroughly enjoyed completing my open water and advanced open water with Chris and actually ended up staying longer than I planned to do some fun dives! I would highly recommend Chris as a dive instructor. The resort is full of lovely people and you feel like part of the family from day one. Overall a great first diving experience and I look forward to returning in the near future! Thanks Chris and Halie - it's been a blast! "

  • Krystal DunkleyKrystal DunkleyLondon, United Kingdom

    I am now an advanced open water diver! Whoop whoop ?A big massive thank you to my dive Instructor Halie Suzy Rebeccaschildand Dive Turtle Island. ???Halie is a fantastic instructor and I feel privileged to have learnt from the best! She has inspired me and given me the confidence to pursue my new dream of becoming a dive master and dive instructor. 

    If you have a passion for the underwater world and you want to expand your diving knowledge, dive with tropical fish, manta rays, whale sharks or even just deep dive to explore ship wrecks then contact Halie and Chris at Dive Turtle Island, Koh Tao Thailand. ?????????They come highly recommended which is why I chose them, and at a very reasonable price they offer expert knowledge and can make your dreams come true too! Check out their website for more information. https://diveturtleisland.com 

    I wouldn't want to train with anyone else!!!

  • Jade ShortallJade ShortallDublin, Ireland

    "I've completed 2 PADI scuba diver courses while in Thailand and am now a certified Advanced SCUBA Diver!!! This has been an amazing confidence boost for me, it's been tough work overcoming my fear of the water but it has been so much fun!!! Thank you so much to the amazing instructor Halie @diveturtleisland who dedicated so much time and encouragement in helping me to reach my goal.

    I'd highly recommend Dive turtle Island for learning to SCUBA dive in a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable way. The dive sites also happen to be stunning in Koh Toa, so check them out if you're heading to Thailand. You definitely won't regret it! Thanks again guys!

  • Wong MarcusWong MarcusHong Kong

    "Great people, great dives and great time!

    I have done my OW certificate and a few more fun dives with Chris and Hailey
    Diving and hanging out with Chris and Hailey is definitely an awesome experience! They are knowledgeable but their lessons are never boring.

    They are definitely one of the reasons for me to come to Koh Tao again
    If you are thinking to get your PADI, I'd highly recommend you to go visit them 
    You'll have a safe, rewarding and fun underwater experience."

  • Mike GachinaMike GachinaUSA

    "Halie and Chris gave me a truly wonderful diving experience! With their help I’m now PADI certified. I wish I could have spent more than a week with them. I’ll definitely be back!"

  • Tom BridgensTom BridgensNew Zealand

    "Awesome place, Awesome people and even more Awesome instructors! Loved every minute."

  • Tammy NguyenTammy NguyenCalifornia, USA

    "Can't wait to dive with you again [Halie]! My very first dive instructor!!! You've showed me a whole new world!!"

  • Deiannuh PmeikUnited States of America

    Review for Chris Burke, OWSI"Have you ever laid down surrounded by a fuzzy pile of sleeping puppies? Eaten a warm pancake as a child on a snow day while tucked inside your favorite blanket? Taken that first delicious sip of warm hot cocoa? Feels great huh? But none compare to the safety and security that Chris at Buddha View diving will give you. I was convinced I’d somehow manage to die at my own hands, but like some sort of baby Jesus angel, Chris rose from the watery depths and gave me the courage to complete my open water certification."


  • Nicki GeorgiNicki GeorgiEsslingen, Germany

    "Big Thank you to Chris Burke for teaching me how to become a Rescue Diver! And also a big Thank you to Pratik Chhabria for assisting and playing the "Victim" 😉

    You two did a great Job, I learned so much and on the same time had so much fun with you ;)"

  • Debby GreenDebby GreenTraquair, Fife, Scottland

    "Thanks Chris for being a really excellent teacher! Very patient & supportive! I felt that I trusted you & your judgement which enabled me to reach my inner strength to achieve the Padi open water water diving certificate* Best wishes for your future journeys! 🙂 Debby *"